Moving your pet/s to the Philippines

Initial steps in moving your pets include working with your vet and ensuring your pet’s vaccines meet all import requirements. Additionally, bringing pets to the Philippines entails obtaining an import permit.

The import permit will list in detail all requirements for pet transport to the Philippines, including updated health certificate that will need to be issued prior to departure. AIMS Pet-To-Go Specialist will work closely with you and the Bureau of Animal Industry in the Philippines to obtain this permit.

Another very important step in the relocation process is your pet’s acclimation with his travel kennel. The flight to the Philippines can be a long journey, and it’s important that your pet feels as comfortable and safe as possible inside their travel kennel during the long journey. The goal is for your pet to view time spent in their travel kennel as a positive part of their daily life.

Your AIMS Pet-To-Go Specialists will help you navigate relocating your pet to the Philippines, but please see below for a closer look at what to expect when shipping pets to the Philippines.

Details required for import permit processing with Philippine Bureau of Animal Industry prior departure:

  • Species / Breed / Name / MICROCHIP
  • Color / Weight Gender/Age
  • Kennel measurement
  • Shipper/Consignee name (as appears on passport)
  • Exact address/Contact phone and E-mail of Consignee
    Passport copy of consignee for import permit processing prior departure..
  • Target date of departure 
  • Flight Carrier/Airlines

Documents required prior to arrival :  

  • Airwaybill copy  
  • Updated health card  with anti rabies
February 3, 2019